Effectively Navigating a Corporate Fraud Investigation

CLE 1-3 hours (includes ethics credit and Business Litigation Certification credit)
This program examines a government investigation of a corporation from inception to conclusion.

Program Length: 1-3 hours

A main focus is the ethical dilemmas that may arise for in-house counsel as the investigation progresses. The program also suggests "best practices" to assist in-house counsel in dealing with the implications of their decisions during a government investigation of their corporation. Highlights include discussions on subpoenas, search warrants, and grand juries - stressing the lawyer's responsibility to be independent, understand attorney-client duty conflicts in corporate settings, and be aware of the importance of client communications. Employee instruction, internal investigations, and government interaction serve as an in-house counsel guide of how to handle the stickiest of ethical dilemmas in their role.

Previous CLE approval: Florida (includes ethics credit and Business Litigation Certification credit)