Carlton Fields Launches Privacy & Cybersecurity Compliance Consultancy in Ever-Changing Landscape

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CTRL Will Help Companies Comply With State & Federal Privacy and Cybersecurity Regulations Affecting Multiple Industries

Los Angeles, Calif. – Today Carlton Fields launched a privacy and cybersecurity consultancy, CTRL, which helps companies comply with regulations that will affect virtually all companies across a range of industries.

“Compliance is a priority for any business,” said Christina Gagnier, President of CTRL Consultancy. “Authorities are actively enforcing existing privacy regulations, proposing new obligations, and scaling up data privacy enforcement.

“As regulatory frameworks become more complex, the requirement for training and enhanced staff knowledge becomes more important,” added Gagnier. “CTRL helps businesses understand where privacy and security risks may emerge and provide ‘off the shelf’ and custom self-service, training, and policy solutions.”

CTRL is a full-service privacy and cybersecurity compliance consultancy offering flexible, practical, and cost-effective privacy and security compliance solutions. Its team of professionals have decades of experience helping clients build effective compliance frameworks to protect their businesses and minimize exposure.

CTRL’s services run the gamut, from building full-scale compliance programs and implementing contractual frameworks and vendor management, to developing data ethics programs, guiding clients to industry-standard certifications, and providing proactive data incident solutions.

CTRL offers more than 125 products for customers to purchase and essentially “plug and play.” Companies can also customize the products after purchase. The library provides companies with a variety of privacy and training solutions, as well as custom training and white label solutions to accommodate businesses of all sizes in privacy readiness and compliance. This includes training to meet compliance requirements imposed by various state laws, HIPAA, and foreign laws and regulations, such as the GDPR in the UK and Europe.

“CTRL supplies a significant advantage to its clients by helping them stay ahead of the curve and offering a one-stop-shop of products and services that will help them protect their business, minimize exposure, and distinguish themselves from their peers,” said Joe Swanson, CTRL’s vice president. “With CTRL, companies can generate the compliance policies and solutions they need to keep them up to date at a cost they can afford.”

Several states, including California, have enacted or updated laws governing privacy compliance, with effective dates as early as January 1, 2023. CTRL’s team of privacy and cyber professionals, who have more than 35 years of combined experience in these fields, are committed to assisting their clients in understanding the applicability of these laws and in satisfying their requirements.

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