Carlton Fields Named Top Performer By Leadership Council on Legal Diversity


The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) named Carlton Fields a 2017 Top Performer at their annual meeting in Washington, D.C., October 16-17. Carlton Fields is one of only 52 LCLD organizations that earned this distinction for its participation in and support of the LCLD’s mission. This designation recognizes those organizations that are most active in LCLD over the course of a year. According to the LCLD, this year, all 52 organizations nominated at least one Fellow, and most Top Performers nominated Pathfinders and 1L Scholars, sent a representative to the Fellows Alumni Leadership Symposium, and were active in the Success in Law School Mentoring Program. Top Performers also spearheaded some of LCLD’s newest projects by participating in LCLD’s collaborative data initiative and sending representatives to the inaugural Diversity Professionals Summit.

LCLD said in a statement: “We applaud these and all of our Members for their continued commitment to building more diverse organizations and a more inclusive legal profession. Your efforts, through LCLD and beyond, truly have an impact on the future of our profession.”

Carlton Fields has been a member of the LCLD since 2009 when the organization was founded. The firm’s previous participants in the Fellows program include: M. Derek Harris (2011), Jin Liu (2012), Lori Baggett (2013), Fentrice Driskell (2014), Shaunda A. Patterson-Strachan (2015), Christopher O. Aird (2016), and Radha V. Bachman (2017). Former Carlton Fields attorney Penelope Dixon was a Fellow in 2014 prior to her move to serve as in-house counsel at a major corporation.

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