Week of September 11, 2017

U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

US v. Spivey - en banc

Florida Supreme Court – Tallahassee

In re Fla R Jud Admin - proposed amendments declined
In re Fla R App P - amended rules
In re Fla R Jud Admin - amended rules
In re Fla Pro R - amended rules
Glover v. State - capital case, direct appeal, Hurst
White v. Mederi Caretenders - non-compete agreement, referral sources, home health
Stevens v. State - second-degree arson, instructions

First District Court of Appeal – Tallahassee

Goodson v. State - sentencing
White v. State - sentencing
Coffey v. State - double jeopardy, entrapment
Pulkkinen v. Pulkkinen - grandparent visitation, full faith and credit
Tyer v. DOR - child support
Utopia v. Alvarez - workers’ compensation
Hamilton Downs v. DBPR - pari-mutuel racing, administrative review
Copeland v. State - postconviction relief
Kennedy v. RES-GA - proceedings supplementary, due process
Elliott v. State - postconviction relief
Pantoja v. State - postconviction relief
Clark v. Nichols - mandamus, requirements
Ivey v. State - jury selection, peremptory strike
Thornton v. AFLAC - insurance, covered dependent
Parker v. State - Richardson hearing
Burks v. State - ineffective assistance, appellate counsel
Fowler v. State - sentencing, probation violation
Buchanan v. Buchanan - dissolution, temporary support

Second District Court of Appeal – Lakeland

Mansfield v. State - revocation, Nelson inquiry
BRW v. State - delinquency, sufficiency
RJ Reynolds v. Evers - Engle progeny, punitive damages
Brown v. State - contempt, concession of error
US Bank v. Holbrook - foreclosure, summary judgment
Simmons v. State - postconviction relief
Patel v. Patel - dissolution; modification; timesharing
Gaynor v. State - postconviction relief
Conley v. State - postconviction relief
Morell v. State - postconviction relief
EL-S v. DCF - certiorari

Third District Court of Appeal – Miami

Beckman v. State - evidentiary issues; Apprendi
Rivera v. State - pro se sanctions
Hernandez v. Hernandez - guardianship, payment objections, standing
MVW v. Regalia Bch - clarification; condominium, operating agreement
Emami v. Progressive - default judgment, damages
Northrop Grumman v. Britt - asbestos; evidentiary, Frye/Daubert issues
Koe v. Citizens - premature appeal, partial final judgment
Bennett v. MERS - TILA, forgery, declaratory relief
Inspired Cap v. Conde Nast - forum selection clause
Miami Beverly v. Miami - default judgment, damages
Alters v. Villoldo - certiorari, attorney disqualification
Fetlar v. Suarez - certiorari, punitive damages claim
Brown v. State - sentencing