Florida Appeals Court Decisions: Week of April 1 - 5, 2019

Appellate & Trial Support   |   April 5, 2019
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U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Guevara v. NCL (Bahamas) - expert reports, negligence
Kroma Makeup v. Boldface Licensing - Lanham Act
US v. Cooks - search & seizure
Taylor v. Hughes - § 1983, immunity
US v. Moss - sentencing
Holzman v. Gerald & Assocs - FDCPA, FCCPA

Florida Supreme Court - Tallahassee

Wetzel v. Travelers - pro se sanctions

First District Court of Appeal - Tallahassee

Marocco v. Brabec - sword & shield doctrine, § 713.29, fraudulent lien,
Lowry v. State - certiorari, involuntary commitment
Dorsey v. Robinson - MRTA, possession, intestate succession
Smith v. State - hearsay, child sex abuse, jail recording
McClash v. Long Bar Pointe - administrative review, appellate standing
Stamitoles v. State - second-tier certiorari, resisting officer
McLendon v. D'Amico - timesharing
Bishop v. State - probation revocation, ineffective assistance
Gordon v. State - sentencing
Kimmons v. State - probation revocation
Lee v. State - hearsay, 911 call, jail recordings
Deloach v. State - murder, evidence
Burns v. State - juvenile sentencing
Grimsley v. State - burden shifting to defense
Robinson v. State - murder solicitation, evidence
Rodgers v. State - competency
Certo v. Certo - foreclosure, standing
Dorsey v. Dorsey - marital dissolution
Terry v. State - manufacturing cannabis, evidence
Hester v. State - sentencing
DOH v. Redner - marijuana, cultivation, Fla Constitution
Kneer v. Lincare - workers' compensation, constitutionality, evidence
Randstad v. Barr - certiorari, expert medical advisor

Second District Court of Appeal - Lakeland

Lehmann v. Cocoanut Bayou - real property, conveyances
Tecklenburg v. Kouremetis - court records, confidentiality
Anderson v. Mitchell - certiorari, accident report privilege
Dooley v. State - Stand Your Ground, instructions
Wells Fargo v. Quest - foreclosure, documents, self-authentication
Buggs v. State - sentencing
Davis v. State - sentencing
Schofield v. Judd - habeas corpus

Third District Court of Appeal - Miami

Diaz v. State - probation revocation
Charlier v. State - murder, evidence
MC Trust v. Cohen de Mishaan - personal jurisdiction
Maercks v. Maercks - probate, appellate jurisdiction
Wilcox v. DOR - child support, missing transcript
Bazzichelli v. Deutsche Bank - rule 1.540
Sibley v. Sibley - trust, interpretation
Waldman v. Laquer Fam - foreclosure sale
Publicidad Vepaco v. Mezerhane - certiorari, competing counsel

Fourth District Court of Appeal - West Palm Beach

Viladoine v. State - trial amendment
Gindel v. Centex Homes - tolling, certification
Morrill v. State - value, proof
OAG v. Nationwide Pools - due process, consent judgment
Kronen v. Deutsche Bank - foreclosure, standing
Tejada v. Forfeiture - 8th Amendment
SLV v. Toth - declaratory judgment, findings
JR v. State - comprehensive evaluation
Rowe-Lewis v. Lewis - evidentiary hearing, factual findings
Roland v. State - sanction
Hastie v. State - sentencing
Bynes v. State - sentencing

Fifth District Court of Appeal - Daytona Beach

Phillips v. US Bank - foreclosure, attorney's fees
Fla Organic v. Advent Environmental - attorney's fees; jurisdiction, trial
Ward v. State - child abuse; defense witness, exclusion, sanction
Johnson v. Johnson - dissolution, child support, parenting plan
Taylor v. State- child pornography, double jeopardy
Paulette v. Rosella- child support, mediated settlement agreement
Corrigan v. Vargas - child support, mediated parenting plan, vacate
King v. State - Spencer bar
BBI v. Win-Development - Wheaton, offer of judgment, email
Weathers v. State - Spencer bar
DCF v. Rodriguez - certiorari, involuntary commitment
McWaters v. State - Spencer bar

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