Land Use and Zoning

We represent diverse land use clients, including private developers and governmental bodies. The firm also acts as agent for the major title companies in Florida and can serve as title and escrow agent on any real estate transaction.

Our comprehensive land use representation includes helping clients locate viable sites for development or redevelopment, and identifying any relevant land use issues. We also help them prepare and negotiate the necessary property purchase contracts and documents. This process includes negotiating the critical inspection period, and conducting the necessary land use due diligence. Our representation continues through completion of a development project, and can include litigation or appeals, as needed.

Representative Services 

  • Rezoning and variances 
  • Comprehensive planning and comprehensive plan challenges 
  • Developments of regional impact 
  • Impact fees 
  • Developers agreements (including those regarding concurrency mitigation) 
  • School and transportation concurrency 
  • Government contracting 
  • Public construction projects 
  • Representation of government entities and special districts 
  • Taxation 
  • Government operations, financing, and management 
  • Historic preservation 
  • Water resources 
  • Environmental permitting 
  • Utilities 
  • Transportation