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Litigation and Data Security Focus

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The vast majority of today’s litigation involves the discovery of electronically stored information. Related expenses, including data collection, processing, review, and hosting, can escalate quickly. To reduce client costs and increase predictability, Carlton Fields handles these functions in-house in most cases, but also works with contracted vendors at pre-negotiated rates that benefit our clients.

Representative Services

Data Collection 
We handle data collection from almost any device imaginable, including personal and business computers, laptops, and servers; cell phones; and tablets. We also collect data from social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Data processing
Once data is collected, we process it inexpensively for review on numerous platforms. This includes data we collect, and data collected by third-parties. Regardless of the source, we provide the service at the same low rate.

Document Review Platform
Internally we use IPRO, but our pre-negotiated rates with vendors give us low-cost access to other platforms including Relativity, Ringtail, Recommind, and One. We provide our clients, co-counsel, expert witnesses, and even opposing counsel with secure access to these platforms from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Data Hosting
We host all types of data—from emails to security camera footage—internally, offering inexpensive rates. In cases where the data must be handled externally we offer pre-negotiated competitive vendor rates.

Technical Advice
Working with trial teams that include our clients and co-counsel, we help develop sound, defensible strategies tailored to each case. We are always mindful of cost and weigh it against defensibility to ensure the team benefits from the most affordable, and ultimately effective, strategy.

Vendor Management
In cases where our clients or the courts require us to work with specific vendors, including those with whom we do not have established relationships, we offer the option of vendor management throughout the discovery process.

Virtual Data (or “Deal”) Rooms (VDRs)
VDRs enable lawyers, clients, and other parties to share, review, and edit documents within a secure Internet environment. Often used for transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, loan syndication, or private equity and venture capital transactions, they offer an efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution.



Our cybersecurity attorneys and IT managers collaborate with clients’ legal and IT teams to develop a seamless strategy and approach that ensures your business is both technically prepared and compliant with all governance and regulatory requirements. We tailor communications to our audiences to ensure that business, legal, and IT professionals speak the same language.

Representative Services

Policy Consultation, Risk Assessment, and Analysis
We work with businesses to assess their cyber-threats vulnerabilities, evaluate existing policies and procedures, and develop new materials and frameworks to strengthen their readiness and protect critical business assets.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Process Reviews

Facilitate Physical Security
We make assessments directly or together with third-parties, and scope, review, or assist in performance as needed.

Third Party Audits
We assist with audit response and compliance, and with post-audit remediation of information security matters.

Project Management for Infrastructure or Operational Projects