Our lobbying and government affairs professionals deal with all levels of government, including state, county, municipal, and regional agencies and authorities. We understand governments’ inner workings because many of our professionals have held government positions, giving them an extensive network that helps us serve clients. 

Our experience includes:

Legislative Lobbying

We identify, track, analyze, and summarize legislative and political and policy considerations in the legislative branch, assessing their impact on client operations. We also help draft legislation and amendments, help pass or defeat legislative proposals, and use our extensive political relationships to efficiently advocate client positions. We counsel clients regarding political contributions and related regulatory reporting requirements.  

Executive Agency Lobbying

We work closely with agencies and commissions of Florida’s executive branch, and represent clients in local government and executive agency matters in Georgia. We are also involved in the formulation of agency public policy, including the rulemaking process.  

Local Government Representation

We represent clients before local governments in areas of policy-making, procurement of goods or services (unless forbidden by law or ordinance), permitting, licensure, and land use.