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The members of Carlton Fields’ tax team stand out for their abilities to connect with clients and express complex concepts in straightforward terms, and for their creativity and focus on each client’s needs and goals. The group includes lawyers who hold post-law degrees (LL.Ms) in taxation, specialists who are board certified in Tax Law by The Florida Bar, former tax professors, and certified public accountants. Their specialized tax knowledge and effective communication skills benefit clients that include Fortune 100 companies, publicly held corporations, closely held companies, national investment companies and funds, nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, startups, and individuals.
Our team provides comprehensive representation that includes international, federal, state, and local tax planning, counseling, and advocacy; as well as legislative and regulatory advocacy and estate planning. We handle a wide range of tax controversies before administrative agencies and courts, including state trial and appellate courts, federal district and appellate courts, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and the U.S. Tax Court.
State and Local Taxation
We advise with respect to all manner of state and local taxes, including property, income, sales and use, and documentary stamp taxes. Our representation includes advising on the taxability of transactions, structuring transactions to maximize state and local tax efficiency, and assisting clients with state and local government taxing authorities.
Federal Taxation
We have deep and broad experience with the federal income taxation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, tax-exempt organizations, employee benefit plans, and individuals. We advise business entities and owners on a wide variety of tax concerns and strategies, from entity selection to profit maximization to executive compensation to business exit and succession planning. We advise individuals with regard to tax issues relating to entity ownership, tax disputes, and estate planning. We have significant expertise in representing tax-exempt organizations with both U.S. and international presences. 
For our business clients, we advise regarding both day-to-day and major event tax planning, including: tax controversies; mergers and acquisitions; spin-offs; corporate restructurings and recapitalizations; establishing and maintaining qualified benefit plans; bankruptcies, workouts, and other capital restructurings; structured financings; and debt, equity, and hybrid securities offerings.
International Taxation
Pre-Immigration Tax Planning 
Our team of experienced tax attorneys provide pre-immigration tax planning for persons immigrating to the United States in an effort to minimize their U.S. taxes and preserve their wealth. Please see our detailed analysis of pre-immigration planning concerns, including examples, for more information.  
Tax-Exempt Organizations
Throughout the United States, we represent nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations with activities within and outside the country. Our clients include nationally recognized Section 501(c)(3) public charities and private foundations, Section 501(c)(4) civic and social benefit organizations, Section 501(c)(6) trade and business organizations, Section 501(c)(7) recreational membership organizations, and Section 527 political organizations. We help nonprofit organizations report to the public and the government, comply with their tax and solicitation registration obligations, obtain and maintain their tax-exempt status, and manage their worker and contractual relationships. As their corporate and tax counsel, we work collaboratively with each organization’s board members and management.
Our services include advising tax-exempt organizations on matters relating to:

  • IRC Section 501(c) compliance
  • State nonprofit law updates
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Policy review and development
  • Alternative investments
  • Financing arrangements
  • Contracts with technical, financial, and other vendors
  • Day-to-day operational contracts and agreements
  • Navigating nonprofit and for-profit relationships
  • Charitable contributions, trusts, and endowments
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Worker classification and employment/independent contractor agreements
  • Benefit and compensation plans
  • Personnel matters
  • Real estate transactions, construction projects, and permitting 


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Ledgers and Law: Real-World Planning for Cyber Attacks

Ledgers and Law: Real-World Planning for Cyber Attacks

December 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way millions of people work. Remote workers are especially vulnerable to cyber threats such as ransomware and business email compromise. Joe Swanson, chair of Carlton Fields’ Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice, discusses important cybersecurity trends, what companies should do to prepare for cyber breaches, how to mitigate risk if an employee makes a mistake, vendor management issues, and the importance of a game plan if you are hit with an attack.

Ledgers and Law: Roadblocks Facing the Cannabis Industry

Ledgers and Law: Roadblocks Facing the Cannabis Industry

November 12, 2020

The cannabis industry faces numerous challenges given the current federal legislation and regulatory framework, including a lack of service providers, illusory insurance coverage options, and higher risk with fewer protections. Fundraising for cannabis companies can be particularly difficult. Chase Wright, a member of the professional practices group at Cherry Bekaert, discusses several avenues that companies in the cannabis space can take to raise capital for funding and expansion.

Ledgers and Law: Start With an Ending in Mind When Building a New Business

Ledgers and Law: Start With an Ending in Mind When Building a New Business

October 14, 2020

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Your best chance at survival and success is to plan out the life cycle of your company from the beginning and how you are going to exit at the end. The decisions you make when starting a business will be critical to the success you enjoy or the disadvantages you may suffer. Barry Weins a member of the professional practices group at Cherry Bekaert discusses the long-term tax and legal implications entity selection can have on your company.

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