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Florida Appeals Court Decisions: Week of July 12 - 16, 2021

U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Ring v. Boca Ciega Yacht Club - ADA, private club exemption
Yusko v. NCL - negligence, various liability, maritime law
US v. Colston - prior crime as evidence of intent, jury instructions
US v. Stancil - ACCA sentencing enhancements
US v. Phillips - double jeopardy
Ziyadat v. Diamondrock Hospitality Co. - race discrimination
Brown v. Sec'y, US Dept of Health- CDC eviction moratorium, injunctions
US v. Carrasquillo - sentencing objections
Ga Advocacy Office v. Jackson - PLRA injunctions, dissent
Adams v. School Bd of St. Johns Cty - transgender rights, equal protection
In re Harris - bankruptcy, discharge, collateral estoppel
Calderon v. Sixt Rent a Car - arbitration
Spencer v. Benison - qualified immunity
Fox v. Gaines - sex discrimination, FHA

Florida Supreme Court - Tallahassee

No decisions this week

First District Court of Appeal - Tallahassee

Donovan v. Destin - appellate standing, administrative action
Burgess v. State - collateral crime evidence, child hearsay
Compass Point CA v. OIR - appellate standing, administrative action
DB v. State - juvenile sentencing
SC v. State - scrivener's error, apology letter, wrong victim
Taylor v. State - search and seizure
J Stewart Constr v. Matthews - contract breach, damages
DWD v. DACS - concealed carry application
Bryant v. Seminole Precast - settlement
Taylor v. Davis - alimony
Massey v. State - continuance
Duty v. State - postconviction relief
Ramirez v. State - sentencing
State v. Dutton - COVID, speedy trial
State v. Bryant - COVID, speedy trial
Whitfield v. Meeks - dating violence injunction, witnesses
Smith v. State - pro se sanctions
Corrales v. State - prohibition, Stand Your Ground
Moye v. Moye - timesharing
Georges v. Avanti CA - foreclosure, attorney's fees, voluntary dismissal
Smith v. Gadsden Sch Bd - attorney's fees, pro se
Lycans v. State - postconviction relief
Trueblood v. 2d Cir Ct - pro se sanctions
Gonzalez v. State - pro se sanctions
Mitchell v. State - postconviction relief
Kenny v. State - pro se sanctions

Second District Court of Appeal - Lakeland

Rodriguez v. State - double jeopardy
Rowsey v. Bd of Regents - prejudgment interest, mootness after merits reversal
Brinkmann v. Petro Welt Trading - certiorari, privilege, inspection, findings
WCW v. DCF - adoption
Langhans v. DOR - concession of error

Third District Court of Appeal - Miami

Borell v. In re Acevedo v. Noda - attorney's fees
Sultan v. Walgreen - summary judgment, defamation, punitives
Whipple v. Dawson - homestead, jurisdiction
Lif v. Estate- certiorari, probate
Cordis v. McNamara- forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Young - forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Williams - forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. McCall- forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Lister - forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Johnson-Williams - forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Ednesome- forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Convertino- forum nonconveniens, product liability
Cordis v. Coelho - forum nonconveniens, product liability
Miracle Health v. Progressive - summary judgment, EUO
Doral Health v. State Farm - summary judgment, preservation
Lee v. 1510 NE 109 St- eviction
Community v. Circuit Ct Judge - mandamus, mediation
Haro v. State- postconviction relief
Garcia v. Junior - pretrial detention, habeas

Fourth District Court of Appeal - West Palm Beach

Arch Ins v. Kubicki Draper - on remand; insurance, standing, malpractice
RJR v. Neff - improper closing arguments
Fain v. Spivey - rule 1.440(c), trial, notice, due process
Safeco v. Barthelemy - insurance, limine, law of the case
Eagle Transport v. Roch-Hernandez - venue, transfer
Bartow HMA v. Security Nat Ins - insurance, PIP, reasonable expenses
Rossocorsa v. Romanelli - personal jurisdiction
CP v. DCF - parental rights, termination
Live Young v. State Farm - venue, transfer
Tower Imaging v. USAA - venue, transfer

Fifth District Court of Appeal - Daytona Beach

Asselta v. Alpha Prime - foreclosure, indebtedness
Bilby v. Wilson - injunction, stalking, substantial evidence
Odeh v. Odeh - § 57.105 denial, appellate jurisdiction
Queen v. State - postconviction relief

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