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David W. Bailey

David W. Bailey

Chief Information Officer


Chief Information Officer David Bailey oversees the firm’s information services, which include litigation support,  technology training, and security program resources.

Carlton Fields uses Relativity as our e-discovery document review platform. Relativity is the market leader in this space, which confers the advantage of being a familiar tool to the widest array of
document reviewers among law firms, corporate clients, and contract document reviewers. However, we distinguish ourselves from third-party Relativity vendors in several ways:

A simplified, intuitive pricing model
Carlton Fields employs a very simple pricing model, which gives our clients access to their data in Relativity at one of the most competitive rates on the market. Our pricing structure is very predictable, and is designed to eliminate surprise charges and encourage the use of time-saving tools like advanced analytics.

Unlimited use of analytics
We want you to make the best and most efficient decisions when considering the handling of your matter. This includes leveraging time-saving features such as email threading, Technology Assisted Review, Continuous Active Learning, and more. We provide these tools at no additional cost, so that you can take advantage of the latest advances in e-discovery without worrying about whether or not the time savings justifies the expense.

A secure environment for your data
Carlton Fields recognizes how important safeguarding your data is to your continued success as a business. We offer an ISO 27001 certified environment in every Carlton Fields office in an effort to protect your data. Additionally, we typically handle the entirety of our e-discovery efforts within our own environment, so your data stays with Carlton Fields rather than being shared with multiple e-discovery vendors. This significantly reduces the possibility of any data-related security incidents.

A surprise-free experience
Surprises in the e-discovery arena are generally unwelcome, especially when it comes to the bill. In an effort to make bills more predictable, we have eliminated charges for many services that are typically imposed by other vendors. This includes items like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), production branding, Early Case Assessment (ECA) data culling, and Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) conversion.

Access for those outside the firm
Relativity can be easily accessed from any device that has internet access. This allows us to extend access to clients, experts, co-counsel, and opposing counsel as needed. Security can be configured to give each party its own secure work environment upon request, which can be particularly helpful when dealing with multiple co-defense firms. This eliminates the need for each party to establish its own review databases in separate environments, thus reducing the overall cost.

We do the rest, too!
In addition to the above items which distinguish us from third-party vendors, it’s important to note that we provide all of the standard services as well, including consulting on best practices, providing user support, search construction, running productions, and more.


  • University of South Florida (B.A.)


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