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James M. Sconzo

James M. Sconzo



James Sconzo is a “go-to” attorney for many of the most recognized education institutions and corporations. He is a skilled trial lawyer, negotiator, investigator, and proven leader. Highly regarded by boards, in-house legal teams, and leadership of institutions, Jim has provided steady guidance to clients through crisis, change, litigation, and all manner of adversity and challenges. Jim has represented some of the nation’s most esteemed colleges, universities, independent schools, and corporations.

For higher education, Jim has been at the forefront of the turbulence surrounding Title IX, gender equity in athletics, and the regulatory challenges facing colleges and universities. Jim has handled lawsuits under Title IX regarding athletics, student conduct, and employment. He has tried to verdict cases alleging unfairness in athletic scholarships, hazing at a Greek organization, and breach of contract. Jim also has led investigations of sexual misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty, and whistleblower claims.

Jim regularly represents companies in labor and employment issues and matters pertaining to directors and officers. Last year, Jim led a team that defeated a class action in the Southern District of Florida against a Fortune 50 company. He also obtained an award in arbitration for another Fortune 50 company.

Jim chairs the firm’s Labor & Employment and Education practices.

Jim has been designated a special master by the U.S. District Court in Connecticut. He has an active alternative dispute resolution practice, and will serve as a mediator or arbitrator.

Jim regularly writes and speaks on matters relating to governance, education law, labor and employment, and the practice of law. He is an editor of the Connecticut Employment Law Letter. He sits on the Defense Counsel Advisory Committee for United Educators.

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Professional & Community Involvement

  • American Bar Association
  • Defense Research Institute
  • Employers Counsel Network
  • Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity
    • Board of Directors
  • National Association of College and University Attorneys
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • WALKS Foundation Inc.
    • Appointed Member, Advisory Board
  • Connecticut Lawyer Magazine
    • Appointed Member, Advisory Committee
  • Connecticut Bar Association
    • Labor and Employment Law Section
      • Appointed Member, Executive Committee
    • Litigation Section
      • Appointed Member, Executive Committee
    • Education Law Section
    • Federal Practice Section, Local Rules Committee and Executive Committee
  • Editor, Connecticut Employment Law Letter

Speaking Engagements

  • "Good (EEO) Governance: Avoiding Major Public Scrutiny," NILG 2022 National Conference, Boston, MA (July 27, 2022)
  • "Legal, Risk, and Insurance Considerations in the Age of COVID-19," 2021 NBOA Annual Meeting (February 24, 2021)
  • "Risk Management Roadmap to Reopening Your Campuses," Fred C. Church Insurance (May 7, 2020)
  • “Employment Risks in Independent Schools,” United Educators Nutmeg Group Risk Management Forum, Westminster School (Spring 2018)
  • “Professional Boundaries,” various independent schools (annually)
  • “Conducting Effective Internal Investigations,” United Educators Nutmeg Group Risk Management Forum, Choate (Spring 2017)
  • “Investigating Sexual Misconduct in Independent School,” United Educators Cranberry Group, Dana Hall (Winter 2017)
  • “Title IX and Sexual Misconduct,” The Policy Institute, various locations in Northeast (2014–2017)
  • “HR Update,” Carlton Fields In-House Counsel Forum, Orlando, FL (March 2015)
  • "Wage and Hour Issues," Society for Human Resource Management, Central Connecticut Chapter, Rocky Hill, CT (2011)
  • "Social Media," various client presentations (2010–2011)
  • "Emotional Damages in Employment Litigation: A View From the Bench and Jury Box," Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT (June 14, 2010)
  • "Family and Medical Leave Act Master Class," Hartford, CT (October 20, 2009)
  • "Navigating the Minefield of Investigations and Whistleblower Protections," Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT (June 8, 2009)
  • "Employment Practices Liability," Risk and Insurance Management Society, Connecticut Valley Chapter, West Hartford, CT (May 13, 2009)
  • "Family and Medical Leave Act Master Class," Cromwell, CT (September 30, 2008)
  •  "Strategic Planning When Representing a Client in an Employment Dispute: The Perspectives of Management and Employees," Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT (June 9, 2008)
  • "Top 10 Employment Issues in 2008," Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut (January 23, 2008)
  • "Bottom Line: The One Thing You Must Know About 10 Employment Law Issues," Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Las Vegas, NV (November 8–9, 2007)
  • "Let's Talk Labor Law," GC New England Roundtable (Spring 2007)
  • "Subordinate Bias Liability Under Title VII," Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT (June 18, 2007)
  • "Family and Medical Leave Act Master Class," Cromwell, CT (May 8, 2007)
  • "The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Crisis Management Organizations," Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (October 2006)
  • "Pros and Cons: How Much Can EPLI Minimize Your Company's Risks?" and "Sexual Harassment: Get Your Supervisors Trained Now," Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Washington, D.C. (2005)
  • 10th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas, NV (October–November 2005)
  • "The New Fair Pay Regulations to the FLSA," Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Atlanta, GA (October 6–8, 2004)
  • "Mock Jury Trial of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit," Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Independent Insurance Agents (May 2004)
  • "Connecticut Human Resources Law Update," Sterling Education Services (May 2004)
  • "Emerging Issues in Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability," Marsh USA Inc. Symposium (April 2004)
  • "Handling Retaliation Claims," Annual Meeting of the CBA (June 2003)
  • "Sexual Harassment Overview and Prevention," Metroguard Insurance/Massamont Insurance Agency Employment Law Symposium (April 2003)


  • Syracuse University College of Law (J.D.)
  • University of Connecticut (B.A.)
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  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York
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